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ZIPmetrix Indices
Unemployment Score
Job Conditions Index™
Launched in February 2004 and published monthly since January 2006, Scorelogix Job Conditions Index™ is a snapshot of the prevailing job conditions, by location, occupation, and industry. Scorelogix Job Conditions Index™ is based on an analysis of thousands of Job Security Scores™ for individuals across the nation and represent how good or bad the job conditions are by measuring job security, job availability, job replacement potential, wages, unemployment rate, and other job indicators.

Economic Health Index™
Every month, Scorelogix® produces the Scorelogix Local Economic Health Index, a snapshot of the nation's economic activity and health. Scorelogix® Local Economic Health Index is a comprehensive index that measures economic activity, prosperity and opportunities available to individuals in their specific zip codes, cities, counties, states and other regional levels.

Launched in May 2007 and published monthly, Scorelogix's Local Economic Health Index has been developed by examining and modeling decades of economic data, consumer data, employment and unemployment data, direct and indirect economic indicators, complex economic cycles, latest economic trends and business activities that impact a location's economic health.