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Is your job recession-proof?

3.4 million jobs have been lost this year. Is your job at risk? Find out if you have a safe job in this economy!
Scorelogix’s patent-pending Job Security Score can help you find your personal job loss risk.
It’s easy – simply tell us who you are and what you do, and we will tell you what your job security level is.
Job Security Assessment
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Your personal 3-digit Job Security Score depends on your individual profile and is likely to be better or worse than the broad range score indicated above. Your personal Job Security Score can be accurately computed based on your work experience, education, age, gender, and other demographic data. (Note: Job Security Score usually ranges from 0-1000. Higher score indicates higher job security).
Get your 15 page Job Security Score & Report
Your personalized 15-page report consists of your 3-digit Job Security Score™, a detailed analysis of your job risk, key job risk factors, crucial advice on how to prevent and manage layoff risk, and most importantly how to find better jobs. Your Job Security Score™ report would help you to understand:
Your risk of job loss
Your key positive and negative job risk factors
How economic change impacts your job security
How to improve your job security
How to find jobs with higher job security
Is your job safe? Can you be laid off? Currently, 14.5 million people are unemployed. Every week about 600,000 newly unemployed people are applying for unemployment assistance.
The risk of job loss is real and some jobs are at a higher risk than others! Fact is, your job security depends on the state of the economy. And in a recession millions more lose their jobs.
By tracking economy and business conditions, it is now possible to accurately predict the likelihood of job loss for you. Statistically proven, Job Security Score™ is an innovative, proprietary tool from Scorelogix which predicts likelihood of losing your job and income based on your personal profile and the economic factors impacting your job.
Simply tell us who you are and what you do and Scorelogix will empower you with the knowledge of your job loss risk. Your job is your biggest asset that defines how you live and what you can afford. Learn how to protect this precious asset. It’s easy, fun, and inexpensive!
Job Security Score™ predicts your layoff or unemployment risk
Job Security Score™ is a score between 0-1000
Your score comes with a detailed 15-page personal risk assessment report that:
Explains your score's relative ranking compared to others
Explains key positive and negative risk factors influencing your score
Provides recommendations on how to improve your job security